• Rhythm ’n Rhymes Creative Direction

    Creative Direction & Execution

Rhythm ‘n Rhymes is a compilation album produced by Brooklyn Hitz, featuring the Honorable Champs artists (Ace & Sharief The Poet) among others. I’ve had the honor of acting as the creative director behind the song covers and the album cover art.


Brooklyn Hitz


Creative Director & Execution.


Mohammed Fayez, Rafaa A. ElNour.

Location & Status:

Khartoum, Sudan – Complete

  • Brooklyn Hitz Rhythm 'n Rhymes Album Cover
  • Eye Candy vs Soul Food Teaser Cover
  • Eye Candy vs Soul Food Single Cover
  • Rhythm n Rhymes Album SoundClound
  • Eye Candy vs Soul Food Single SoundClound
  • Where You Find Us Single SoundCloud